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Change Colors

Replaces the current web page's colors based on user's preferences. The extension's options menu helps to set your preferences. Includes...

By lyrasen | Added November 30, 2009

SciLor's Content Toolstrip

SciLor's Content Toolstrip is a small Google Chrome extension that shows content of a user-defined Web site in Toolstrip. The Web site...

By SciLor | Added November 29, 2009

Magnifier Extension

This is an extension for Google Chrome. Allows you to Magnify the area pointed by the mouse cursor.

By Andyjpn | Added November 28, 2009


You can use the Nimbb extension for Google Chrome to quickly record short videos using your Web cam. Once the extension is installed,...

By benjamin | Added November 26, 2009

Chrome Clock

A simple Chrome Clock extension with alarm and timer.To set the alarm time, click on the toolstrip. In the first field enter the hour...

By pcki11 | Added November 25, 2009