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#AutoFF Extension

This is an extension for Google Chrome. Allows the user to create the list of people you most retweeted in one second. Very useful...

By Benjamin Anseaume | Added December 13, 2009

AccuWeather Forecast

This is an extension for Google Chrome. Shows Current Weather and Weather Forecast in popup browser action window. Includes option...

By Mg2 | Added December 13, 2009

Christmas Radio

This extension plays's Christmas radio in the background. To play/pause just click the icon on your toolbar.

By Mg2 | Added December 13, 2009

Gtalk for Google Chrome

Gtalk is the Google Chrome extension for Google Talk messenger. The single click install of the Gtalk extension brings Google Talk...

By Honeytech | Added December 11, 2009

Quick Dictionary

This is an extension for Google Chrome. You can select text on a page, or type in a word from the toolbar button field.

By Tim.ker | Added December 11, 2009


This is an extension for Google Chrome. Chat whth eBuddy - AIM MSN Gtalk ICQ YAHOO! Facebook MySpace.

By Marcelozlot | Added December 11, 2009


This is an extension for Google Chrome. Insert special character like �??�?�¢?�??�?�¥ or �??�?�¢?? into textboxes. Great...

By 3fonov | Added December 10, 2009


This is an extension to look at hero's quest proccess percent and last diary record on Save your GodName in options...

By Vigilancer | Added December 8, 2009 Shorten Url

This is an extension for Google Chrome. Quickly shorten any url using This will take you to the homepage with the link...

By D4rthsid | Added December 8, 2009


Simple extension allowing to scroll through tabs with mouse wheel. Just press down left mouse button, and use mouse wheel to change...

By Kasztan | Added December 8, 2009


Brizzly makes Twitter and Facebook simpler and easier to use. See and share photos, videos, searches, lists. Brizzly shows videos from...

By Thing Labs | Added December 7, 2009

Endless Walls Newest iPhone Wallpapers

Displays the most recent iPhone wallpapers uploaded to Endless Walls. This is useful if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Palm Pre...

By GetMobiled | Added December 6, 2009


This is an extension for Google Chrome. Loads EXIF data for large images (more then 200Ã?????100) and displays it in tooltip.

By 3fonov | Added December 6, 2009


TabSearch allows you to search your currently open tabs in Google Chrome. Over many opened tabs at a time, its an easy way to find...

By StephenHeron | Added December 3, 2009

WhoIs Checker

This extension adds one-click whois check to your toolbar. WHOIS is widely used for querying databases in order to determine the registrant...

By Massimiliano Torromeo | Added December 1, 2009