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ZKJet for Google Chrome

ZK Jet is used for developing Ajax application without installing servers. ZK Jet is based on ZK 5 version, which allows user to use...

By Potix | Added December 30, 2009

Ten Blue Links

Over the past few years, search engines have been adding more and more content to every search result page. From local listings and...

By Dan Cryer | Added December 29, 2009


Spamfire allows you to generate a new disposable email to hide and protect your personal email address from potentially harmful sites....

By Think Bohemian | Added December 28, 2009


This is an extension for Google Chrome. Features an excelent engine for playing sudokus. It can generate random puzzles, but it also...

By | Added December 28, 2009


This extension extension for Google Chrome allows you to easily send large files to anyone in seconds directly from your Chrome browser....

By Aruna Labs | Added December 28, 2009


Whatever way you close Chrome Tabs it takes at least one click to close one Tab. If you have multiple tabs open that will translate...

By Mixesoft | Added December 27, 2009


This is an extension for Googlew Chrome. Useful for touchpads without middle button. Real context menu will be open on right click...

By Leonid Borisenko | Added December 27, 2009

Flickr Popup

This is an extension for Google Chrome. Gives you easy access to Flickr right from the Google Chrome toolbar.

By Vasshaug | Added December 27, 2009

Chrome Refresh

This is an extension for Google Chrome.Features are: The icon remains Grey when not active, Selectable refresh interval, Options page...

By Dewiroberts | Added December 24, 2009

An Old Calculator

This is an extension for Google Chrome. A small calculator in a popup window contains the buttons: digits 0-9, decimal point, plus,...

By Lubos.motl | Added December 24, 2009


This is an extension for Google Chrome. It allows you to receive notices when in twitter home timeline appeared new tweets.

By It.release | Added December 24, 2009


SMIT is an extension build to help you communicate , with SMIT you can quickly send an email to your friends. without the need to login...

By Evansofts | Added December 24, 2009

Google Transliteration Service

This extension allows users to use Google Transliteration on every text-box in all websites. Google Transliteration offers an option...

By Google Chrome extensions | Added December 24, 2009

Find as you type

This is an extension for Google Chrome. This is an extremely useful accessibility feature. Use TAB (and shift-TAB) to switch between...

By Arnau Sanchez | Added December 23, 2009