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Sky Calendar

Sky Calendar is an astrology software. Natal, tranzit/forecast and synastry/relationship charts Calculations for the years 1 to...

July 15, 2019 By Zdenek Pazdera

Tarot Reading

Tarot readers commonly believe that the future is fluid and only absolute predictions of future can save us from coming problems and...

May 12, 2019 By Oracle Devine

Horoscopes by

The horoscopes by is from the most popular online horoscope publisher estd:2000 providing horoscope feed for multiple...

May 9, 2018 By

Transits for AstroTrading

A transit is the period during which two planets remain continuously in a particular aspect with each other. This software calculates...

April 9, 2018 By Hermetic Systems

Planetary Aspects and Transits

A Windows program to calculate geocentric aspects between planets at a given date. Also displays personal transits for either of two...

April 8, 2018 By Hermetic Systems

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