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EaseFilter Secure Sandbox

EaseFilter Secure Sandbox is is a secure, isolated and a tightly controlled environment where programs can be run and data can be protected....

January 6, 2020 By EaseFilter

Cyber Control

Take control of your cyber risk with Datplan's cyber control software Allowing companies to implement a robust cyber risk management...

December 24, 2019 By Datplan

AccessPatrol (64-bit)

AccessPatrol is a proactive solution for securing company endpoints to prevent the illicit transfer of data and download of malware...

December 19, 2019 By CurrentWare

Cyber Security Robot

The Cyber Security Robot was originally designed for large corporations and government agencies as a tool to quickly analyze systems...

October 17, 2019 By


Powerful protection for all Windows Active Directory domain logins, even when credentials are compromised. UserLock helps administrators...

July 17, 2019 By IS Decisions

Omega Core Audit

Omega Core Audit is an out-of-box, software-only security and compliance solution for Oracle databases. It is a full back-end solution...

June 30, 2019 By Dataplus

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