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Poker Superstars II Mac

Poker Superstars II raises the stakes with more superstars, a bigger tournament and a brand new poker AI. Import your own photo into...

By Funkitron | Added October 4, 2006


A version of the drinking card game Presidents and holes. The first player to play all their cards wins. Play against the computer....

By Small Time Software Development | Added October 5, 2006

Simplistic Dice

All dice simulators for Mac OS X seem to be widgets. Simplistic Dice fixes that problem by creating the first full-fledged dice application...

By Xoedusk.Software | Added September 18, 2006

Holdem 3D

Holdem 3D is a 3-dimensional game simulation of Texas Holdem poker. You play with 7 virtual (computer) players in a limit or no-limit...

By Omaha Think Tank | Added October 5, 2006


BabySolitaire is a system plugin, which connect to the Solitaire game application and change the cards deck GUI. SolitaireAnimals is...

By BabyPlug | Added September 26, 2006

The Tournament Director

The Tournament Director is the premier poker tournament management software package. You will not find a more professional, feature...

By ImagiNeri Software | Added September 17, 2006

SL4 - Lotto database application

A multi-award winning 6/49 lottery database application for the S.A and U.K Lotto. Additionally the source code is also included for...

By N.G van der Westhuizen | Added October 16, 2006


This game, PileFace, show by the practice the law of the great numbers in statistics. With you to see whether it is true or not. Morover...

By Crae Interactives | Added October 16, 2006


If you are dreaming to play lottery without losing under, here is that your dream has just been to realize. Play and you will see with...

By Crae Interactives | Added October 16, 2006

Le Bon Nombre

Using the indications, you must find the number (random) that the program generates, in a minimum of tests. Manage to be the good number...

By Crae Interactives | Added October 16, 2006

BD's Poker Clock

Create and save multiple custom blinds schedules. Programs break and color-ups and customize round times. Track re-buy and add-on rounds....

By BD Technical | Added October 10, 2006

Hypervisual Century

Hypervisual Century is a digital slot machine with three reels and three paylines. This original and realistic machine goes beyond...

By Hypervisual | Added October 12, 2006

Proficient Blackjack

A blackjack simulator for learning, training, practice, analysis and card counting. Displays player and dealer probabilities. Instant...

By Proficient Blackjack | Added October 10, 2006

Rainbow Tactics

Logical game with colors. Your aim is to cover most part of the colorized field by selecting the appropriate cell color. If computer...

By Phoenix Brown | Added October 10, 2006

Twenty Four

Twenty Four is a easy and fun card game. The purpose is to use four arithmetic symbols and four numbers to get 24. It is easy but hard...

By Henry Lu | Added October 13, 2006


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