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Spam Butcher is an advanced anti-spam filter. Its spam blocker can stop 98% of spam. Every few minutes it checks for new messages in...

September 13, 2010 By SpamButcher


Easy to use email filtering, filtered email forwarding, and spam tracing and reporting. Uses Bayesian filter, country of origin filter,...

September 7, 2010 By Hendrickson Software Components

BlackBaller Lite

FREE feature reduced version of the industry's first and best Call & SMS Filter (Blacklist) Application. Reject Calls & SMS's and rid...

August 27, 2010 By Killer Mobile Software


MobileTimes announces the release of its Spam removal Sentinel SMSSpaminator for Windows-based Mobile Devices. Have you ever grown...

August 9, 2010 By MobileTimes

Inbox Cleaner

InboxCleaner is a small utility that connects to your POP mailbox and verifies your e-mail messages. Mail messages that are identified...

July 18, 2010 By MAW Software

JEP(S) Greylist

JEP(S) is the first line of spam protection for your Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010 and IIS SMTP servers. With JEP(S) you stop up to...

July 16, 2010 By Proxmea


If you have used the Junk mail filter in on the mac, you know that even with the best training, you can still be left with...

November 22, 2009 By Todd's Apps

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