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Antispam/MAX for Eudora

Spam filter built exclusively for Eudora. Blocks 98 percent of spam and integrates totally with Eudora, so it's run automatically when...

July 8, 2003 By MaxLevel

Casper Spam Hunter

Casper Spam Hunter is a software with spam elimination function. Stop unwanted viruses and e-mail before they get to your computer....

June 20, 2003 By A&M

Herbivore Distributed Anti Spam Filter

Herbivore is a anti spam filter that utilizes the email messege content to identify and screen spam mail based on the amount of times...

May 19, 2003 By Mongus Solutions

IPS Spam Filter

The IPS Spam Filter runs in the background of your computer and catches 99% of the spam messages. All spam e-mails are removed from...

April 3, 2003 By I.P.S


For people and businesses with their own Web sites, but also for all other users as well, viewing incoming emails can be an arduous...

March 30, 2003 By IOK & Co


Starting with Eudora 5.2, it is now possible to check an incoming email to see if it matches against the contents of an address book....

November 28, 2002 By Robert Woodhead

Spam CounterStrike

Spam CounterStrike works with your e-mail program to check spam. Each e-mail is judged to be spam or not spam as it is downloaded....

November 27, 2002 By Amazing Storm

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