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SpamEnder Professional for MS Outlook

SpamEnder keeps your inbox free of Spam without blocking any good e-mail. Integrates into Outlook and works with your POP mail account....

November 7, 2003 By Evolvian

Pop Marshall

Use Pop Marshall to remove junk e-mails from your INBOX. It works with any POP3/IMAP server and removes spam before they come to your...

October 7, 2003 By ITA Networks

Spam CyberFighter 2004

Spam CyberFighter features 6 types of filters; automatic system of sending of the complaints and error messages to the sender; huge...

September 30, 2003 By Falcson-Technology

Spam Filter for Outlook

Spam Filter for Outlook is an anti-spam product designed to prevent spam from your inbox. It works as a plug-in in Microsoft Outlook...

September 22, 2003 By Dignity Software

Ensnare - The Spam Fighter

Ensnare - The Spam Fighter monitors your POP3 accounts and checks e-mail for spam. Ensnare identifies spam with a combination of whitelists,...

August 25, 2003 By ZenWorx Software Labs


Similar in function to caller ID, Emailer-ID allows you to screen your e-mails before they are downloaded to your computer. Features...

August 22, 2003 By Home Media Systems

Messagefire Personal Edition

Messagefire works very simply, with no software to download, and no changes to your email address or how your friends send you mail....

August 19, 2003 By Messagefire

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