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ErrorView Sample

A custom view that displays an error image, a title, and a subtitle given an HTTP status code. It can be used for various other purposes...

January 4, 2015 By hsan Ik

ObservableScrollView demo

Demo app of ObservableScrollView for Android. is trademark of Google...

January 4, 2015 By sika524

Muslim Quran Pro - Koran Coran

Quran app is a concentrate of the best quran reciters in the world, an amazing user interface design and the best set of features.Demonstration...

January 4, 2015 By QuanticApps

FGELV Sample

FloatingGroupExpandableListView is an open source Android library that provides a floating group view (aka anchored / pinned / sticky...

December 26, 2014 By Diego Carlos Lima

Triple Wishes

We built this app for our customers and relations to wish them Season's Greetings which then can experience with an cardboard. Triple...

December 26, 2014 By Triple IT

Landscape video camera

Very flexible video camera that enforces the user to use landscape mode.This application is open source and can be used in you own...

December 26, 2014 By JMols Mobile

WebDAV for Ghost Commander

This won't work without Ghost Commander file manager application. Install the Ghost Commander file manager first, then install this...

December 26, 2014 By Ghost Squared

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