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Advertising Killer

If you have seen a popup you don't want to see anymore, right click on the advertising killer icon (on the bottom right of your screen),...

By BuyPin Software | Added March 7, 2002

Power Pop-up Killer

Kill annoying pop-up windows with 1 click, Easy to use, FREE

By LNC-Soft | Added March 4, 2002

Scansoft XIFF Reader

With the XIFF plug-in, you can view web pages that contain XIFF files. The plug-in is free to distribute. This allows you to view and...

By Nuance Communications | Added August 22, 2001


Sends command line network messages to WinPopup or compatible service. Addressing with computer or user names is supported. Sending...

By unknown | Added May 15, 2001

HyperSol WebSurfer

WebSurfer is an Internet browser that was born inside HyperSol, when we needed some features that no other browser would allow, such...

By HyperSolutions | Added April 14, 2001

Internet Watcher 2000

Internet Watcher 2000 allows you to secure your system and optimize your Web connection.The program's features include: ad filtering...

By Bernard D&G | Added March 31, 2001

MagicCookie Monster

MagicCookie Monster is a free (Emailware, really) utility that can help you manage your Netscape Navigator or Communicator cookies...

By Dr. Jon's Software | Added June 17, 2000


This small desktop tray accessory provides the user with a small, easy to use Pop-Up! timer. Use it to monitor your online time, or...

By Popcorn Software | Added May 31, 2000


A desktop tray accessory which provides the user with a pop-up screen showing the PC's current memory statistics.

By Popcorn Software | Added May 31, 2000

Close Popup

Close Popup will detect and close those annoying popup windows from Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, Free Prohosting, Hypermart, and any...

By Take a Hike Software | Added March 27, 2000

Cookie Cutter

cleans out unwanted entries from your browser's cookie

By unknown | Added October 9, 1996


erases Netscape's cache and history files

By Chilton Webb | Added March 1, 1996