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Link Manager

The Link Manager is a program to manage Internet addresses, similar to the favorites or bookmark list of your browser. The Link Manager...

February 27, 2006 By Conrad Engineering


PeerMark is an add-on for Internet Explorer that allows you to save, access, and share your Web browser bookmarks. Your browser bookmarks...

February 7, 2006 By Peer Creations

GMail Bookmark

GMail Bookmark manages your bookmarks and uses your Google GMail account as a storage. You can import your bookmarks from Internet...

December 23, 2005 By Olivier Tourdes

Page Update Watcher

Page Update Watcher is a program that helps you monitor your favourite Web pages for updates. You can choose different types of update...

December 15, 2005 By Pedro Matias/Sergey Firsov


Mondriaan appears as a little icon with four colors in the upper right corner of your Mac OS X menu bar. You click on each of the four...

November 13, 2005 By Alco Blom Software

Personal Key Manager

Personal Key Manager is a free software for USB key devices. You can set your favorite Web sites, your e-mail address, and you can...

October 11, 2005 By Internet Controller

Bookmark Synchronizer

A Windows IE plug-in which allows to synchronize IE Favorites (bookmarks) with BookKit server. BookKit is an online bookmark manager....

September 28, 2005 By Webmetalogic

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