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E-mail Extractor

The E-mail Extractor is a program that allows you to extract e-mail addresses from any file (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, executables,...

By E-mail Extractor | Added September 18, 2001


Postie is a command-line mailer that supports IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, NNTP, HTTP, SSL, HTML, CGI, UUE, multipart MIME attachments, and more....

By Infradig Systems | Added August 21, 2001

LogTransporter X

LogTransporter transmits text files via email on a regular schedule that you specify.

By Camp Software | Added July 27, 2001

Search URL

Search URL look in the database you have created with your bookmarks (for example) and return the result. It's very useful if you have...

By Jeb-Soft | Added March 30, 2001


Mail GoGoGo deletes unsolicited, annoying spam from your mail box on the server, andyou can download only necessary mail.

By MAKI Enterprise | Added December 23, 2000


eMerge is a stand-alone Macintosh application that lets you create an e-mail form letter, customize it automatically for everyone on...

By Galleon Software | Added November 6, 2000

Outlook 2000 SR-1 Email Security Update

Use this update to protect against viruses spread via attachments in e-mail. Once you install this update, you will not be able to...

By Microsoft | Added June 8, 2000


The Snoop is a powerful tool that will automatically inspect and evaluate your incoming mail messages. Snoop can easily allow you to...

By Smaller Animals Software | Added June 6, 2000


LDapper is a simple LDAP client for finding e-mail addresses. It can be used with Mail Drop or other e-mail applications that don't...

By Carl Bell | Added May 25, 2000


Quickhead-E is a timesaving program that monitors your e-mail accounts and downloads the header portion of new mail in the background...

By Danere Group | Added March 7, 2000

E-mail Senders

use Applescript to send e-mail, includes source code and project files

By Ranko Bojanic | Added September 8, 1999


helps better present MIME encoded email usually from web based forms

By Zack | Added July 5, 1999


AutoReply (see screen shot) is automatic email-reply software designed for those that use Microsoft Outlook and don't use Exchange...

By NextWord | Added April 16, 1999


Mpack and munpack are utilities for encoding and decoding (respectively) binary files in MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)...

By John Myers | Added May 7, 1996