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HexEditor makes editing or decoding binary documents. And in the event of an editing mistake the undo button can be used to revert...

By Jens Kaminski | Added March 26, 2003


TuHex is a powerful hex editor with a rich set of features. Its features include: open multiple files, edit hex values, compare two...

By Dr. Jeffrey Tu | Added March 21, 2003


This professional text editor for programmers and Webmasters allows the editing of several files at a time with unlimited size: syntax...

By Alentum Software | Added January 15, 2003

Jedit (PowerPC)

This is the English version of a text editor that is popular in Japan. Jedit supports multiple styles, multiple splittable windows,...

By Matsumoto & Co | Added July 15, 2002


Resorcerer is the premiere general-purpose commercial resource editor for Macintosh computers running System 8, 9, or Mac...

By Mathemaesthetics | Added October 10, 2002


With HTMLlink you can easily create HTML source code for internet links. I wrote this utility to quickly manage a sort of "News headlines"...

By Bluefive Software | Added February 14, 2003


This template imports data arranged in standard row and column HTML tables from the web into Excel workbooks. The resulting workbooks...

By Jim Gordon Macintosh MVP | Added March 25, 2003

Cobol Record & Table Generator

Cobol Record & Table Generator is useful for those cobol programmers who are tired of making new records and tables. You simply specify...

By HyeSpirit | Added April 10, 2003

Code Page Converter Demo

Code Page Converter demo macros for Word 97/2000/XP for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP for converting of text from ASCII to Unicode and vice...

By HermesSoft Company | Added March 5, 2003


Xcode includes Python language specifications and features that are far more complete than the Python-PBX-Specifications. Provides...

By bbum | Added December 18, 2002

Balthisar Cascade

Balthisar Cascade is simply the best CSS level 2 editor available for the Win32 platform! Cascade allows the HTML/XML author to create...

By | Added December 18, 2002


ColorWrite is designed to simplify finding compatible colors and using them in your web pages. Whether you're hand coding web pages...

By | Added November 6, 2002

Web-Ed Webpage and Scripting Editor

WEB-ED is a dual editor for HTML and VBScript. Each language has its own colorcoding, format debugging and language-specific functions....

By Joe'Software | Added September 30, 2002


CZ-Doc2Txt is a text converter that supports batch conversion from word processing documents (doc, rtf, html format and almost any...

By ConvertZone Software | Added February 24, 2003

Report Magic

With Report Magic for Analog, anyone can create great looking website statistics reports. Report Magic for Analog uses theComputer...

By Wadsack- Allen | Added April 2, 2003


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