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DEVTOOL: Icons for Windows 10

An application that helps developers find the right icons to use for their Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. Users can pick from...

June 10, 2017 By DarthPedro

Console Output for Windows 10

Add real-time text console output to any app. This is great for debugging and testing scenarios. Launch the app with the consoleoutput:...

June 9, 2017 By Michael S. Scherotter

Serial Tab for Windows 10

Use your mobile devices such as tablet computers and mobile phones as a terminal computer to display any kind of data transmitted over...

June 1, 2017 By M215

DVI to PDF Converter for Windows 10

This application is to convert DVI files to PDF. It is important to note that You MUST have Internet connection for the conversion...

June 1, 2017 By Lightech

Anonymous Browser PRO

With Anonymous Browser PRO you can surf the internet NOT WORRYING ABOUT YOUR BROWSER'S NAVIGATION HISTORY sticking and revealing in...

June 1, 2017 By Industrial Jungle Naturama

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