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Xamarin Logo Maker for Windows 10

�¦ What's application? This application can export application logo images file for iOS, Android or Windows application development...

By matatabi-ux | Added March 1, 2018

Automatization for Windows 10

Automatization is easy!Prepare Arduino to use:Update the driver for the USB Arduino.Upload the sketch "StandartFirmata" for Your model...

By Liliya Muray | Added March 1, 2018

DevMax for Windows 10

Maximal development on limited platformsFor more information, see our website and sample projects...

By Lightech | Added March 1, 2018

MonoGame SpriteFont Utils for Windows 10

Monogame and XNA use characters other than English to make an error, so using characters other than English requires special handling....

By chengcong | Added March 1, 2018

Hardware tests beta for Windows 10

This application was created to test and validate the hardware quality of your smartphone. If you're a tester blogger or just a curious...

By ceriboo | Added March 1, 2018


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