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Counter: Digital Counting Machine

Counter is an easy counting app for android. You can add multiple counters with custom names. Also set required values in every counter....

May 20, 2020 By Ebizzinfotech

Hong Alarm

Choose the days and month to create birthday alarm; choose days to create credit card payment alarm and working alarm. Full screen...

April 27, 2020 By meaning0823


With the world becoming more connected, people are following world events, doing business, talking to family and creating friends internationally....

April 9, 2020 By Basta Computing


It's a timer app with strong expansibility for computers. Work and rest, with wnr now. Why you need wnr? I think there are basically...

April 2, 2020 By Scris Studio

Talking Time Keeper

Talking Time Keeper is a fully featured desktop time package. Its features include the ability to announce the time using real voices,...

March 26, 2020 By Mark Judge

PresenTense Time Server

PresenTense Time Server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense Time Server will synchronize...

March 4, 2020 By Bytefusion

Go Alarm

A simple alarm app to help you with daily tasks to be productive. We will be updating this app with some advanced features as well....

March 3, 2020 By Beasts Insider

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