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BuddyTalk is Internet voice-communication software that offers four ways of communicating with anyone in the world. It features include...

By InnoMedia | Added September 11, 2001


Easy-to-use program that manages your Internet connection. The user can select the hours within the day to establish or drop the connection....

By Cybernova | Added April 24, 2001


If You have an internal modem, an external modem out-of-sight of Your computer or a PCMCIA modem, this is the program for You! ModemSta,...

By Teddyware | Added March 29, 2001

Video VoxPhone Gold

Video VoxPhone Gold allows you to conduct voice and video communications over the Internet. It features simultaneous conferencing with...

By E-Tech Canada Ltd. | Added January 19, 2001


Use the latest speech recognition technology to take control of your phone communications.BrightArrow PhoneAssistant is composed of...

By Brightarrow Technologies | Added June 21, 2000

USR Courier 56k

Upgrade your Courier modem to the 56k ITU Standard/V.90

By 3Com | Added May 31, 2000


Connect with libraries, even several at the same time, search card catalogs, magazines and periodicals....

By InTrec Software | Added April 3, 2000