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MultiDesk extends the windows desktop by creating up to 9 additional virtual desktops and allowing you to easily switch between them...

By Fusion Software | Added September 30, 2002

AC Windows Command Center

From the developer: ""Access Windows most used and best features fast and easy, load a large selection of windows features fast and...

By About Calgary | Added June 13, 2002


SDesk (Scrollable Desktop) is not a multidesktop application. Instead, it simulates a single, giant desktop up to 32,000x32,000 pixels....

By | Added August 15, 2002

Virtual Desk

Virtual Desk is a desktop manager to create many virtual desktops and switch among them. Virtual Desk provides three methods to allow...

By JDSoft | Added September 4, 2002

Virtual Screen Manager

A small utility which allows to have several virtual screens on your desktop. New features are: main panel free alignment and resizing,...

By ArmenM Software | Added February 27, 2002

Flash Desktops Professional

Super optimized and reliable realtime virtual desktop manager. Flexible with programmable Window Rules, efficient, very comfortable...

By Trombettworks | Added August 18, 2001

Perfect Screens Pro

The Perfects Screens, award-winning desktop management utility, can bring a user whole new dimension to working on computer. The ability...

By Pitrinec Software | Added May 31, 2001

Deskwin for Windows

Instead of having one desktop on which all windows are shown, you can now have multiple ones, each with its own set of windows. You...

By Peter Van Sebille | Added March 29, 2001

Perfect Screens Lite

The Perfects Screens can bring a user whole new dimension to working on computer. The ability to arrange all the work to several virtual...

By Pitrinec Software | Added May 31, 2001

multiDesk 2001

Virtual Desktop for experts. Fast, Small, Reliable and Easy to Use. Does not take up your valuable screen space.

By TechSuperior | Added October 25, 2000


Exybar is a program launcher for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. You can run programs, execute shell commands, store macros, play music, and...

By Sparx Systems | Added February 14, 2002


Organize your desktop by letting HandyThing snap application windows into user-defined positions. Setup hot-keys to quickly move windows...

By Starfish Bay | Added May 23, 2002

4Screens Pro

4Screens helps you manage and run many more applications simultaneously by creating four separate Windows Screens, each with it's own...

By EZY2USE | Added November 28, 2001


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