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Easily change outline font format or platform. For instance: take any Mac PostScript font and in second get autohinted, remapped Windows...

By FontLab | Added December 18, 2013


If you've got more fonts than you dare to admit, how do you find that one font whose name you just can't recall? You know, that one...

By Bohemian Coding | Added November 30, 2013


Fontcase is a font management application that provides an elegant and powerful workflow to help you organise the fonts you have installed...

By Bohemian Coding | Added August 31, 2013

GSA Captcha Breaker

GSA Captcha Breaker is a software that will analyze and solve captchas for you without typing them in manually or pay others to solve...

By GSA | Added August 24, 2013

Crystal Reports Barcode Font UFL

IDAutomation's UFL (User Function Library) for Crystal Reports 7.0 and above can be used to automate the barcode handling. An easy-to-use,...

By IDAutomation | Added August 12, 2013

FontViewOK Portable

FontViewOK creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts. The deployment is so simple a help file is not required. It features...

By Nenad Hrg | Added August 4, 2013


SewWrite is software for creating and arranging lettering for embroidery files. It uses hand-digitized alphabets based on Windows fonts...

By S & S Computing | Added June 25, 2013

dp4 Font Viewer Portable (64-bit)

dp4 Font Viewer displays all fonts in any folder in OpenType (OTF), TrueType (TTF), or Collections (TTC) format. It has its own render...

By digital performance | Added June 12, 2013

FontShow 2000

FontShow is a small program useful for viewing and printing the TrueType fonts installed on your system. Options are included to display...

By Gregory Braun | Added May 22, 2013

All My Fonts

Do you have hundreds of fonts on your computer? Ever tried to find that one particular font you needed but you don't remember the font...

By Direct Logic Systems | Added March 25, 2013


Alphabix is a utility for creating bitmap fonts. Alphabix can convert any TrueType, OpenType and Type 1 font installed on your system....

By Outerspace Software | Added February 26, 2013

SkyFonts (64-Bit)

SkyFonts (64-Bit) is an app for those that love to try out new typefaces. SkyFonts service expands creative freedom by providing on-demand...

By Monotype Imaging | Added February 12, 2013

Glyphs Mini

This is a slimmed down version of the font design software Glyphs. The main differences to the full version: - no Multiple Master...

By Georg Seifert | Added February 9, 2013


Glyphs' smart and simple approach helps you draw new typefaces, modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

By Georg Seifert | Added February 9, 2013

Bytescout Watermarking Freeware

Add text to images, protect your copyrights for digital photos, watermark pictures in a batch with this free and handy utility. Bytescout...

By ByteScout | Added February 3, 2013