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view font glyphs, FOND resources, TrueType data & more

By Simon Brown | Added September 16, 1999

Font Gander Pro

Font Gander Pro is a one-of-a-kind DTP utility that lets users browse, examine, and print high-rez samples of non-installed TrueType...

By Semplice Software | Added September 9, 1999

Apple Font Manager Update

The Font Manager Update extension fixes the following problems in the Mac OS 8.6 Font Manager: * Corrupt FOND resources: Under certain...

By Apple | Added July 27, 1999


Font printing utility

By unknown | Added February 18, 1999


Patches a bug in MacOS 8.5 and 8.5.1 If fractional charater width is enabled, bold face types are displayed with extra white space....

By InstantWare | Added January 5, 1999

Font List Creator

simple, elegant font utility prints a font list in their own type face

By unknown | Added September 4, 1998


FONDetective takes font suitcases (via drag and drop actions) and writes a text file for each, detailing every bit of information contained...

By Greg Swann Typography | Added August 1, 1998

Simple Font

Simple Font is the new Freeware version of Font List. It can't print, but it allows a quick view of all the installed fonts in your...

By Sascha Leib | Added April 22, 1998


figure out the exact appearance of each of your fonts

By unknown | Added December 23, 1997