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Baraha supports Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, and...

October 8, 2019 By Baraha Software


Borno is a free Bangla typing software for the Windows OS. it is 100% compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10. It comes with both...

October 6, 2019 By Codepotro

Easy Arabic keyboard and Typing Arabic

Easy Arabic Keyboard and Typing Arabic is unique Arabic language keyboard for Arabic learning and writing. Its autotext Arab language....

October 3, 2019 By Stardevelopers

Alternate Translation Kit

This program allows you to translate 'Alternate Tools'-programs into other languages. A wizard helps you to find the desired program...

September 22, 2019 By AlternateTools

Alternate Dictionary

Alternate Dictionary is a program to create dictionary for abbreviations or foreign words. Open source (Visual C++ 2005) the program...

September 22, 2019 By AlternateTools

Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle

You're reading this page now because you have more than a passing interest in learning Japanese. Maybe you've tried learning it before,...

September 16, 2019 By Sleepy Duck


If you're aiming to improve your English speaking, listening and writing skills, regardless of its for your own pleasure or for English-accreditation...

September 16, 2019 By English2Cards

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