File Compression

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AnyWhere Pro

AnyWhere 6 Pro allows you to right click on files and folders to copy, move, zip, rename, and securely delete them. Copying filenames...

By Liquid Mirror Software and Consulting | Added October 8, 2003

eZip Wizard

EZip Wizard is an easy-to-use compression utility with a familiar wizard-based interface. The application is free for unzipping files....

By EdiSys | Added September 15, 2003

1 Click Unzip

1 Click Unzip is an easy way to unzip files. With just one click of the mouse you can unzip and install your downloaded files in seconds....

By CMB Software | Added July 11, 2003


SuperZip - the quick and easy way to zip and unzip files. Step-by-step tutorial guides users through the process quickly and painlessly....

By Integratech Software | Added April 16, 2003

ZipForward Pro

ZipForward is an Zip file decompressor that works similar to WinZip, with a few important exceptions. ZipForward allows file browsing...

By Alcena | Added March 21, 2003

Hard Code Compress 2000

From the developer: "Finally! An intuitive interface for ZIP files! (Works with Tar/Tgz also!) Compress 2000 is a well-behaved Zip/Tar...

By Hard Code | Added December 6, 2002

SuperZip Archive Utility

SuperZip is a file compression utility (Zip Utility). This program features top speed compression, drag and drop manipulation and a...

By Integratech Software | Added October 20, 2002


FolderZipper is a simple utility that takes a folder and zips it into a single compressed ZIP file.

By Bluecrest Consultancy | Added October 18, 2002

Valise Light

From the developer: "Create self-extracting, executable files protected the by tough 256-bit AES cipher! This tiny program will make...

By CertainKey | Added October 15, 2002

ZBit Zip-Unzip Component Pro

Zip and unzip files from your ASP or any COM enabled code. Create password-protected and self-extracting ZIP files. Version 2.6 has...

By ZBit | Added September 30, 2002

ChilkatZip Self-Extractor

Create secure self-extracting files from ZIP files. The ChilkatZip Self-Extractor can safely encrypt the contents of your ZIP file...

By Chilkat Software | Added July 15, 2002

Optimal Archive

Optimal Archive is a stand alone program which lets you view the structure of your zip-file in the explorer tree - launch applications...

By Optimal Access | Added July 10, 2002


From the developer: "JavaJar is a fast and easy way to package and unpackage .jar file. JavaJar embedded a manifest check mechanism...

By pivotonic | Added June 18, 2002


MacDeb is a small utility for MacOS Classic endowed with ability of extracting files from Debian .deb archives commonly used for packaging...

By Sveinbjorn Thordarson | Added February 20, 2002


OpenUp allows you to easily decompress PAX, GNUTAR, and ZIP archives without using the terminal. It also can decompress ARC, ARJ, ATOB,...

By Scott Anguish | Added January 28, 2002