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MetaEditor (successor of ExifEditor) will allow you to edit hidden metadata within your digital photos very easy and quickly. Main...

By | Added July 20, 2008

Backdrop GC

Backdrop GC is an application for Palm OS color devices that allows you to install an image as a background screen, similar to wallpaper...

By Twilight Edge Software | Added July 19, 2008


Easy import - just by drag and dropping your media on application. Automatic image resizing and optimalization for Web support for...

By EMEEX | Added July 18, 2008

Polygon Crunche

Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high...

By Mootools | Added July 17, 2008

Place And Scale

Place And Scale automatically scales bitmap images when they are placed in an InDesign document so that their effective resolution...

By Rorohiko | Added July 17, 2008

BSB Import

BSB Import is a Photoshop plug-in, which allows you to read NOAA marine charts. NOAA marine charts are the standard raster charts and...

By Apocgraphy | Added July 15, 2008


resize, convert and copy your images, select a single image, a group or a whole directory including subdirectories.

By AbelCorver | Added July 15, 2008

Icons Smilies Collection

Give your palm attitude and personality with our Smilies Collection. Let these zesty, explosively colorful icons express your every...

By iambic | Added July 14, 2008


PStill can convert PostScript (PS, also so called 'PRN' files when created with a PostScript printer driver), EPS, TIFF and JPEG files...

By Frank Siegert | Added July 14, 2008


Download Web sites and view them offline on your Pocket PC. It gives you instant access to critical Web sites at any time, regardless...

By MaximumSoft | Added July 13, 2008

Capture Express

Besides capturing basic Screens, Windows and rectangular areas, Capture Express allows you to capture items in a variety of shapes....

By Insight Software Solutions | Added July 13, 2008

Knitting Wizard

Knitting Wizard lets you create your own custom knitting grids and diagrams. You have complete control over the diagram characteristics:...

By Black Cat Systems | Added July 13, 2008