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BuddyShare File Sharing System

Allows you to share any kind of files with other users and with the powerful search system locate files on other user's PCs. Fully...

By Greg Clayton | Added May 28, 2001


Allows you to upload video images to the Internet. It runs on a Windows machine, and it requires image grabbing hardware. With it,...

By Software Distrubution Services | Added April 26, 2001


Allows you to create and share personalized 3D-enhanced images by inserting 3D models into your digital photos. These enhanced images...

By Kazoo3D | Added December 22, 2000


GetAgain is an utility to download files from the World Wide Web.One important feature of this software is its ability to resumeinterrupted...

By PPPindia | Added December 19, 2000


If your small office has Macs and PCs that need to share files, then you need MacSOHO. MacSOHO installs only on the Macintosh and allows...

By Thursby Software Systems | Added October 9, 2000


Diiva, a powerful combination of newsreader software and online services, gives you a much easier way to view newsgroup pictures. Download...

By Diiva Software | Added July 5, 2000


W3Filer(32) is an internet file transfer client for Windows95, NT or later with following features:

By SM Soft | Added June 3, 2000

Link Explorer

Link Explorer is a great new way to browse the world wide web. It allows you to view any web page as a collection of links to files...

By JWA Lightman Group | Added May 31, 2000


HPComm is an easy to use program to transfer files from your HP48 to your PC and vice versa. It uses a simple, explorer-like drag'n'drop...

By Jean-Pierre Bergamin | Added May 31, 2000

Super Ping Mach II

The Super Ping Mach II is designed to stop you wasting your time downloading from slow sites. Most files have a list of sites and ask...

By Webstrike Marketing | Added May 31, 2000