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Kaleidostrobe is a visual plug-in for iTunes on Mac OS X. It generates multi-layered animated kaleidoscopic patterns that are beat...

By Shehryar Lasi | Added August 29, 2002

DS FadeToCube

From the developer: "Not your normal 'fade to'; this applet maps a FadeToCube effect between any images! As a bonus, you can add scrolling...

By DS Effects | Added August 29, 2002

DS BGSlideShow - Script

From the developer: "Display a changing background scenery on your web page and implement parameters by quickly fill in a simple form,...

By DS Effects | Added August 28, 2002


Create 2D animation in cutout style. It features ease of use and real-time feedback.

By Androme | Added August 28, 2002


Let The Spirit Move You...and your computer! Bring the mystery of Cryptique - A Spirit Board From Salem, Massachusetts into the 21st...

By Spirited Ventures | Added February 19, 2002


eZ-Motion claims that you don't have to be a professional Web designer to create stunning Flash animations. With it, you can import...

By Beatware | Added April 16, 2001

Special Effects

Special Effects uses pixel animation to create the following 3D displays in real time: fireworks, star fields, B-spline warp, B-spline...

By Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers | Added March 13, 2001

HVS Animator

HVS Animator is a GIF animation editor. This download will be fully functional for 15 days, after which a free version will still be...

By Digital Frontiers | Added March 17, 1998