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FileCroc is a free filesharing application to search and download audio and video files on a decentralized p2p network. Among its features...

By FileCroc | Added June 30, 2004


A File FTP that will upload pictures and give you the URL Automatically, Plus if you belong to a Message board you can add your message...

By Doc Design | Added June 29, 2004

Host File Checker

Search through your system's host file and remove duplicate entries. Your host file allows you to block sites of your choice by IP...

By Thirty Six Turtles | Added June 29, 2004


Netsticker opens up the Internet to a brand-new world of graphic bookmarks that, apart from graphics with logos and pictures of products,...

By Netsticker Technologies | Added June 29, 2004


PlaylistNation is the free, legal, and private way to view which songs your friends and family are listening to on their PCs. The PlaylistNation...

By Innovive Technologies | Added June 23, 2004


XNap is a pure java napster client licensed under the GPL. It provides a GUI similar to the original Napster Windows client. XNap was...

By Simon Kornblith | Added June 19, 2004

Osage Inside Access 2002

Osage Inside Access is a powerful MS Access add-in that will make you more productive right away: Search for object dependencies and...

By Osage Computing Services | Added June 19, 2004


There are a lot of FTP clients for the Mac. None, however, worked as we wanted FTP to work, and that's why we created FTPeel. We spend...

By Freshly Squeezed Software | Added June 17, 2004


DoubleChecker powered by is a new way to search for airfare deals online. No matter where you search, the DoubleChecker...

By DCSG | Added June 13, 2004

Goforth AutoWeb

So many Web Developers are looking to leverage their Web-based scripts in an automated fashion. AutoWeb works in conjuction with your...

By Goforth Technologies | Added June 3, 2004

Haxial KDX Client

KDX is a powerful BBS-style encrypted Internet communications system that provides voice chat, messaging, news, file and folder transfer,...

By Haxial Software | Added June 3, 2004

Visual WhoIs 2004

Visual WhoIs 2004 is a handy network tool that allows you to find relevant information about domains, ip addresses, web servers, email...

By Software River Solutions | Added June 1, 2004


Logbook with connection for download inmersions from Suunto Mosquito.

By iDive | Added May 31, 2004

Domain Mage Lookup Tool

The Domain Mage Domain Name Lookup Tool offers a consolidated solution to researching domains. Typing in a domain name will do a simple...

By Nikira Technical Services | Added May 26, 2004

BulletProof FTP Client Mac

BulletProof FTP Client Mac is the easiest way to transfer files between your Mac and remote FTP servers. Take advantage of its Aqua...

By BulletProof Software | Added May 25, 2004