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AD MP3 Cutter

It has advanced features for visual splitting. A file is represented by its waveform image with zoom in and out effects. You can precisely...

July 6, 2020 By Adrosoft

Stereo Tool

Stereo Tool features ultra precise control of input gain and individual pan for left and right channels. A phase inverter is available...

July 2, 2020 By Flux Sound and Picture development

Novel Insight Hypercube

Hypercube VST is a parameter reducer plugin for VST2 instruments. It reduces the number of synthesizer/effect parameters to just three...

June 10, 2020 By Novel Insight

Spat Revolution

Ircam Spat is the most advanced and sophisticated tool for room acoustics simulation and localization ever designed, managing both...

June 2, 2020 By Flux Sound and Picture development

Blue Cat's Widening Triple EQ VST

Blue Cat's Widening Triple EQ is the "Widening" (Mid/Side) version of the Triple EQ shapeable filter / equalizer: it is a three bands...

May 25, 2020 By Blue Cat Audio

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