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HiBeck Connect is a dial-up networking (DUN) utility designed to give you more features and control when dialing into your ISP. It...

July 24, 2002 By HiBeck Software

Soft-haus Solutions CallerID

Soft-haus Solutions CallerID tracks calls made to a Caller ID-enabled phone line. With Soft-Haus Solutions CallerID, you can build...

July 23, 2002 By Vejvoda Software

Speed Master

From the developer: ""Speed MASTER is a tool that improves your internet connection speed and prevents you from being disconnected....

July 23, 2002 By CT-Net Software


From the developer: "CableNut is a tool for optimizing your Internet Connection. We have provided a way to tweak almost every possible...

July 16, 2002 By CableNut Software


HTTPort creates a transparent tunnel through a proxy server or firewall. This allows you to use all sorts of Internet software from...

July 15, 2002 By Technology Networks

Modem Logger

A great program that can automatically detect if the modem on the selected COM port is connected. It can take note of the length and...

July 9, 2002 By Kirys Tech 2000


WhereIsIP is an Powerful and interesting internet software to help you find out the geographic location of IP addresses, ICQ friends...

July 7, 2002 By JufSoft

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