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Universal Internet Dialer

Dial an Internet Service Provider with one click. Online time monitoring and recording. Monthly online time statistics. Single user...

September 28, 2002 By Jacek Kozlowski


EmuTerm is a SCO ANSI terminal emulation program for windows.Function keys F1 to F12. Function keys Shift F1 to Shift F12. Graphic...

September 24, 2002 By Family Business Software


RealSPEED is a program empowering and speed up your internet connection sharply. It is optimizing the unknown settings and the registry...

September 20, 2002 By SEM Software


DynamicIP integrates your current IP setting into your Web site. It keeps your ADSL connection up, even if your modem goes offline....

September 19, 2002 By Lowrie Associates


Posadis is an open-source Domain Name Server for Windows and Unix platforms. It can be used to host your domains on the Internet (it...

September 18, 2002 By The Posadis Team

Auto Port Mapping

Have an a DSL alcatel modem in the expert mode? Tired of typing all those create statements in telnet? Searching for a program wich...

September 16, 2002 By Mirdesign

Dial-Up Monitor

Dial-Up Monitor supplies you with a wealth of information about your Internet Connection. Its many features include dial-up restrictions,...

September 15, 2002 By Radu Stanciu

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