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dynamic dns

Use the dynamic dns service ( dyndns ) to host your internet applications and web site at home without using an internet hosting provider....

November 18, 2007 By Darweb.Com

NETEagle Xtreme

NETEagle is a tool that optimizes your modem connection. Your internet connection can be optimized up to 200% or higher by using NETEagle....

November 13, 2007 By ThemeSoft Development

Ad Subtract

Ad Subtract will work with Safari (for Mac OS X and Windows) as well as other browsers. Most of the CSS here will work on any browser....

November 1, 2007 By Steven Jay Cohen

Broadband Usage Meter

Live Broadband usage meter is a desktop utility that enables an internet user to monitor live his broadband usage, so he keeps within...

October 28, 2007 By Rackeys


Fast email campaign manager. Anonymous Emailer with a Built-In SMTP Server. Duplicate address removal, send alternative HTML and Text...

October 25, 2007 By Absolute Futurity

Am I Online?

Do you have an unstable Internet connection? Stop staring at your "ping" window or refreshing your browser. "Am I Online!?" is a simple...

October 23, 2007 By SC. SoftGrupConstruct

FlashGet Classic

FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded...

September 25, 2007 By Amaze Soft

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