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When you receive a message that's been forwarded a few times, it is usually full of >'s , making it hard to read and quite annoying...

By Proxy318 | Added January 7, 2001

fork ShadowIRC Plugins

fork is a collection of plugins I've created for ShadowIRC. They've been under development for more than a year. fork provides more...

By Fork Networking | Added January 5, 2001


The program enables you to send SMS-messages to GSM Cellular phones all over the world, through the internet. The program has a phonebook...

By MistWare | Added January 4, 2001

TrueTech WebCam Personal Edition

TrueTech WebCam is a streaming audio/video application Webmasters can use to display live audio and video feeds without having viewers...

By Camarades | Added January 3, 2001


Mail GoGoGo deletes unsolicited, annoying spam from your mail box on the server, andyou can download only necessary mail.

By MAKI Enterprise | Added December 23, 2000


Allows the user to create groups of people to send files to. Simply drag and drop them into the window and send them off. No more attaching...

By Applied Computer Solutions | Added December 21, 2000

Internet Pager

Chat and messeging client that allows you to search the web for MP3s, trade tracks of music, transfer file between users, and much...

By Infoleague | Added December 21, 2000

Christmas Fun Stationery Collection

New for 2000, this is a fun collection of stationery and features brilliant artwork by Brenda Hoddinott and Lynn Bean, along with other...

By Cloudeight Internet | Added December 18, 2000


In Outlook Express, if you neglect to select the command "Exit and Log Off Identity", when the next person opens Outlook they will...

By Programmed Integration | Added December 17, 2000

Talk World

Multi-user 3d chat program which includes voice chat, allowing you to talk using a microphone to other users in the virtual world....

By User Data Connections | Added December 13, 2000

SOHOConnection (without Java)

SOHOConnection is the only zero-cost, zero-administration, platform-independent network proxy available today. Using the proven SOHOConnection...

By Servlet | Added December 8, 2000


A simple but effective mailing list management tool with some specialized and advanced features such as adding attachments, stopping...

By VDL | Added November 16, 2000

FastEmailCheck Pro

With this program you can check ten accounts at the same time. You can see how many mails there is in each account and you can also...

By CedInPro Development | Added November 14, 2000


PagerMail is an application that sends messages to French pagers. It can either be a mobile phone (Bouyges Telecom, Itin�?�©ris...

By Brice Dardel | Added November 6, 2000


eMerge is a stand-alone Macintosh application that lets you create an e-mail form letter, customize it automatically for everyone on...

By Galleon Software | Added November 6, 2000