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Email directly from most any WIN software. No Viewer Required by Recipient ! (added 9-20-2000) Email from most any WIN software...

By EZdesk | Added September 20, 2000


Many people are coming to realize that Internet faxing is convenient, easy, and inexpensive. FaxConverter is a fax software add-on...

By Highwinds Trading Company | Added September 3, 2000


Now, everything can be Internet-enhanced... from television broadcasts to magazines to soda cans. With :CRQ software, you'll find great...

By Digital Convergance | Added September 3, 2000

Top Gun Postman

Top Gun Postman is a POP3/APOP3 and SMTP capable mail dispatcher that runs on the Palm Pilot Professional. Top Gun Postman enables...

By ISAAC Group | Added August 22, 2000

Goodsol DeskPlayer

The Goodsol DeskPlayer is your internet and email surfing assistant! Use DeskPlayer to surf the web. Its built-in search tool makes...

By Goodsol Development | Added August 19, 2000


Xnotifier remebers you appointments sending you an e-mail or displaying a pop up message at the specified date and time

By SW Express | Added August 19, 2000

Odigo patch for AIM

This patches Odigo so as to restore connectivity with AOL Instant Messanger.

By Odigo | Added August 16, 2000

iChoose Savings Alert

From books and music to computer products and consumer electronics, the iChoose Savings Alert delivers better deals on the things you...

By iChoose | Added August 9, 2000

Outlook 2000 Personal Folders Backup

Backing up your Microsoft Outlook information is quicker and easier with the Personal Folders Backup feature. Personal Folders Backup...

By Microsoft | Added July 31, 2000


Cahoots you can meet and talk to others on the Net, privately, in groups, or one-to-one, via real-time voice or text.With Cahoots,...

By Cahoots | Added July 31, 2000


HotSend makes it easy to email anything to anyone! Now you can share Web pages, reports, proposals, and photos without the hassle of...

By j2 Global Communications | Added July 25, 2000

Intel Download Calculator

Don't be left guessing how long that new game demo or software update will take to download. Maximize your Internet usage by calculating...

By Intel | Added July 14, 2000