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A desktop tray accessory which provides the user with a pop-up screen showing the PC's current memory statistics.

By Popcorn Software | Added May 31, 2000


You deserve a choice. Reading your news in a familiar newspaper format or pointing and clicking around a web site. newZPrint gives...

By infoPager | Added May 31, 2000


WebSpy Proxy Analyser allows companies to monitor their staffs internet usage. WebSpy provides companies with detailed user profiles...

By Webman Technology | Added May 31, 2000

Personal Telecom Wireless by

Now you can send wireless faxes to anywhere around the world at the touch of a button from your Palm VII organizer. This customizable...

By | Added May 23, 2000

Close Popup

Close Popup will detect and close those annoying popup windows from Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, Free Prohosting, Hypermart, and any...

By Take a Hike Software | Added March 27, 2000


IMbot is a free Internet service that delivers text messages from your Palm device to any phone (including a cell phone). After you...

By | Added February 15, 2000

Xana Web Browser

Internet browser with multiple resizable groups of tabbed notebooks and browsers. User preferences and settings are preserved between...

By Viktor Heimonen | Added January 28, 2000

Cookie Cutter

cleans out unwanted entries from your browser's cookie

By unknown | Added October 9, 1996


erases Netscape's cache and history files

By Chilton Webb | Added March 1, 1996