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AirGuitar Wireless Lyric and Tablature is a wireless lyric, chord progression and music search network. For the hard of hearing or those on their way there,...

By AirGuitar | Added September 15, 2000

Yahoo Instant Messenger

A Palm port of the Yahoo! chat client. Send instant messages, chat sessions, and more.

By Shahin Monsef | Added August 31, 2000


Get your hands dirty with Techdirt!

By TehcDirt | Added August 29, 2000


For the Palm Pilot Establishes a PPP serial port connection to a Unix or NT box at a selectable baud rate of 1200-57600 bps without...

By Metasync | Added August 27, 2000


Mokamba is offering you many features that will enhance your experience with communication. The revolutionary concept of Mokamba Planet...

By Mokamba | Added August 22, 2000

Snow 2 Go

With "Snow 2 Go" you can check on snow conditions, road conditions and weather directly from your Palm VII or compatible organizer....

By unknown | Added August 22, 2000

Daily Learner

The Daily Learner will save you time and transmission costs by providing access to personalized news in many different categories....

By The Daily Learner | Added August 22, 2000


AWS WeatherNet provides live, up-to-the-minute weather information from over 4,000 sites nationwide.

By AWS | Added August 21, 2000


iTrackU is your destination for flight information - available when you want it, wherever you are.

By iTrackU | Added August 21, 2000

BeamPager(tm) - SkyTel

BeamPager allows you to send a page to a SkyTel subscriber with your Palm VII.

By beamshop | Added August 21, 2000

Britannica Traveler

Enables quick searches of the entire Britannica database and access to specific articles via a wireless connection to the

By Brittanica | Added August 21, 2000


Chat with other Palm VII users!

By finetime | Added August 21, 2000

HTTPS ServerWatch

Allows a user to find out response time as well as type of SSL enabled web server.

By Tulix | Added August 21, 2000

Unzip Plug-In for Multi Mail Pro

The ZIP file type is one of the widely used compression formats. With this plug-in for the mailer program Multi Mail Pro you'll be...

By ZMSoftware | Added August 20, 2000


An enhanced SimpleTerm work alike

By Hacker Dude-san | Added August 20, 2000