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Zoho QuickRead (IE)

View office files available online directly. Supported formats: doc, xls, ppt, odt, rtf, sxw, sxc, sxi, and pps.

By Zoho | Added April 16, 2007

Febooti ieZoom Toolbar

Febooti ieZoom toolbar lets you print Web pages correctly and quickly, zoom in and out Web contents, and change screen resolution with...

By Febooti Software | Added April 16, 2007


G-Browser is a Web browser developed on microsoft visual studio .net 2005 for use mono but actually only run on windows for the Web...

By Proyecto Glass Browser | Added April 15, 2007


EasyWebBase is a powerful browser addon to help you only save the part you want into MS Word/RTF, Text, HTML and manage your saving...

By EasyWebAction | Added April 13, 2007

Viewpoint Toolbar

The Viewpoint Toolbar features graphically enhanced search technology and makes searching the Internet more fun, visual, and productive....

By Viewpoint | Added April 13, 2007

CPUManager 2007

CPUManager 2007 is a simple desktop like program which can access certain folders for you without having to click here, there and everywhere....

By Prsisoftware | Added April 12, 2007

Magic Bookmarks

Allows the user to save his favorite sites in very organized way and allow to open multiple sites from the same category in one click...

By Daniel | Added April 12, 2007


Numberedlinks allows Web navigation via unique numbers next to links, buttons, and other elements. This makes it possible to browse...

By Numberedlinks | Added April 11, 2007

Arlington Custom Browser

This browser allows businesses, universities, or libraries to restrict access to the Internet to only sites they choose and optionally...

By Arlington Technology | Added April 10, 2007

Loki for Internet Explorer

Loki is a location-based search and location-sharing browser toolbar. Leveraging Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) to automatically...

By Skyhook Wireless | Added April 9, 2007

Tablane Browser with TClipper

Tablane Browser is the only tabbed, 'parallel' browser, allowing you to interact with more than one Web site at once. It is fast and...

By Tablane Technology | Added April 8, 2007

Pictavision MediaShare

Pictavision Mediashare is the easy way to send any photo from your computer or online photo site to your cell phone. Pictavision Mediashare...

By Exclaim | Added April 4, 2007


Fleck offers zero friction web annotation. You don't need an account and can start adding notes to webpages immediately and directly...

By Fleck | Added April 4, 2007

Square1 Web Browser

Probably the simplest Web browser in the world. Perfect for the technophobe that just doesn't want all those menus and buttons, excellent...

By Click2web | Added April 1, 2007

Doodle Plastik for Thunderbird

A childish and colorful theme for Thunderbird with menu icons, and a fresh look inspired by KDE's Plastik interface.

By ogirtd | Added March 31, 2007