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LabMD is the app which physicians everywhere are talking about! Get secure access to your patients' results and pending referrals straight...

By Noam Lugasi | Added 14 hours ago

Weight Tracker Easy

Easy and simple to use.Easy to read: large font.Convenient: have weight tracker app saved in your phone.Save time: no need to keep...

By Thang Pham | Added 14 hours ago

Simple Weight Tracker

Simple weight tracker app.Simple and easy to use. Keep it simple.Easy to read.FREE.Convenient and useful if you just want to keep track...

By Thang Pham | Added 14 hours ago

Food Diary Easy

Easy and simple to use.Easy to read.FREE.Convenient: have food diary app saved in your phone.Save time: no need to keep food diary...

By Thang Pham | Added 14 hours ago


Dats driven apps for your restaurant

By Data Onion | Added 15 hours ago


CareCognitics has made it easy for you to manage your long-term care by connecting you to your doctor. If your doctor is participating...

By CareCognitics | Added 15 hours ago

Weight-BMI Tracker

Have you a healty silhouette? Detect your health range using this appThis free app is a tool to control and monitor weight. This BMI...

By S.M info | Added 16 hours ago

Night Mist - Blue Light Filter

Recent studies suggest that exposure to blue light (i.e. Color Temperature varying from 5000K -10,000K) clearly has a significant impact...

By Aahut Chandwani | Added 16 hours ago

Muscle and Fitness Workouts

Mass-gaining and muscle-defining programs to build a strong chest and broad shoulders. Muscle & Fitness has assembled the 18 best exercises...

By Gwen Mahira | Added 22 hours ago

Moxie Fitness

Fitness application to track all your routines, workouts, exercises and runs!We'll give you a ton of free Exercises, Workout days,...

By Moxie Fitness Dev | Added 1 day ago


- Free account and service.- Medicines 100% available in egypt market.- Full medicine details with alternatives.- Quick share medicine...

By movoclinic | Added 1 day ago

VR Run For Treadmill

VR Run for Treadmill application takes you to the Virtual Reality while treadmill running where you can enjoy a beautiful beach and...

By MoveVR | Added 1 day ago

Muscle Maker Bodybuilding Photo Editor

Resize your body parts and make them bigger, smaller or curvy with the Muscle Maker Bodybuilding Photo EditorMuscle Maker Bodybuilding...

By Mouse in Phone Apps | Added 1 day ago

Upper Body Workout

We prepared a 30-day training plan with 3 difficulty levels. Exercises will help to tone the arms and chest muscles. The results will...

By MostFit Studio | Added 1 day ago


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