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Easy Date Converter

Designed for easy performance of date calculations. Adds or subtracts a number of days or months to a date, calculates the number of...

April 1, 2018 By Hermetic Systems

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator

Windows software to convert between Julian, Gregorian, Dee and Dee-Cecil calendar dates in various formats, and to add and subtract...

April 1, 2018 By Hermetic Systems

Chinese Calendrics

A program to convert between dates in Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese lunar calendars and dates in the Gregorian and Julian calendars,...

March 22, 2018 By Hermetic Systems

gCalendar Client Pro for Windows 10

gCalendar Client is fully synchronized with your Google Calendar account, makes it more accessible, powerful and reliable on every...

March 18, 2018 By Tidal_Media

Day Organizer

The Day Organizer application offers a well-arranged organization of work time and free time, filing recurring events and reminders...

February 28, 2018 By Patrik Tanzer


Thinking Rock is a Java-based software application for collecting and processing your thoughts, following the GTD methodology. Thinking...

February 19, 2018 By Avente


Agenda is an application designed to help you organize not only your time, but also your goals. Instead of only keeping track of appointments,...

February 13, 2018 By Dwight Everhart

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