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IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

This package supports the following driver models:IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

By EliteGroup Computer Systems | Added May 12, 2008


The UAD Powered Plug-Ins Version 4.4.1 Preview Release for Mac OS X is Universal Binary software developed for Intel Mac compatibility...

By Universal Audio | Added April 30, 2008

EOCP Driver for Sony Eyetoy USB Camera

Automated Installing Drivers and capture program that allows you to use the Sony EyeToy USB Camera on Computer. It comes with three...

By EyetoyOnComputer Project | Added February 19, 2008

VIA Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver

This driver, also known as Vinyl AudioCodec, supports all VIA southbridges with integrated sound, including VT8231/VT82C686A/VT82C686B,...

By VIA Technologies | Added December 10, 2007


If those beeps sound on your computer annoy you, there is a very simple solution to turn them off completely, just download the following...

By Metaferia | Added December 3, 2007

DC30 Xact Driver

DC30 Xact Driver is the first Mac OS X driver for the miroMOTION DC30 series video capture cards and Power Macintosh G4. It is full-featured,...

By Squared 5 | Added November 13, 2007

SpeakAssist XII (v12.0)

SpeakAssist helps people with speech disabilities use the computer to speak. This version is a re-branding under the new name Zero...

By Zero Cool Software | Added November 2, 2007

Delta 1010

Applies to: Delta 1010, Delta 1010LT, Delta 44, Delta 66, Delta Audiophile 2496, Delta Audiophile 192.

By M-Audio | Added October 18, 2007

USB Audio ASIO driver

USB Audio ASIO driver, connects USB Audio interfaces to ASIO compatible applications at latencies down to 7ms where you can't feel...

By propagamma / usb-audio | Added July 11, 2007

Delta 410

driver for Delta 410, Delta DiO 2496, Delta RBUS, Delta TDIF

By M-Audio | Added April 2, 2007

Conexant AC-Link Audio

This contains the Conexant AC97 64-Bit Vista Audio driver. It fixes a Headphone switching issue.

By HP | Added March 20, 2007


Lye is an advanced driver for the RCA Lyra Wireless RD900W remote music system. It adds support for all modern media players and adds...

By Henderson Software Consulting | Added January 14, 2007