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Wacom Tablet

Driver supporting USB versions of all Intuos4 (PTK), Intuos3 (PTZ), Intuos2 (XD), Intuos (GD), CintiqPartner (PTU) and Graphire2 (ET-0405A)...

By Wacom Technologies Corporation | Added October 20, 2016


Seil is a utility for the caps lock key and some international keys in PC keyboards. You can change the caps lock key to another key....

By Takayama Fumihiko | Added April 28, 2016

Mocha Keyboard

Mocha keyboard turns your Mac computer into a cable free Bluetooth keyboard, which can be used with a phone or tablet. Apple iPhone,...

By MochaSoft | Added March 28, 2015

Acer Crystal Eye Webcam

This package supports the following driver models:Acer Crystal Eye Webcam

By Acer | Added November 24, 2014

Logitech Control Center

The Logitech Control Center (LCC) is designed to support Mac OS X, and allows you to take full advantage of your Logitech keyboard,...

By Logitech | Added June 6, 2014


Keyboard customization under Windows has never been easy. Fortunately, KbdEdit is here to turn it around: now it's never been easier! KbdEdit...

By KbdSoft | Added October 20, 2013

Mizo Keyboard Layout

This software provides you the best way to get Mizo Standard Unicode characters. After installing it, the new layout is added to the...

By ZoBawm | Added October 9, 2013

Actions Server

Take a look for the last time to all of those annoying and unfriendly shortcuts and cluttered menubars. With Actions you can shorten...

By Usefool Apps | Added July 21, 2013

US Mac Keyboard Layout for Windows

Since the 1980s, Macintosh computers have shipped with a keyboard layout that makes it relatively easy to type diacritics and other...

By Andrew Dunning | Added June 24, 2013

Logitech Solar App

The Logitech Solar App will make sure your Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac is always ready when you are. Features include: -...

By Logitech | Added November 17, 2012


iKeyboard can turn your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad/iPhone/Mac.

By Invictus Security | Added April 28, 2012

Microsoft IntelliType Pro (64-bit)

IntelliType Pro software enables you to customize the unique features of your Microsoft keyboard to fit your needs. With IntelliType...

By Microsoft | Added October 18, 2010