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Bubble Blast

Bubble Blast is a simple touch game that combines the timeless appeal of classic action games with attractive graphics. Game designs...

By Droidoworld | Added September 9, 2014

Pop Bubbles For Kids

In Pop Bubbles For Kids, princess needs your help to save its forest from devils. Join and enjoy the company of bubbly princess and...

By Muddy Apps | Added September 1, 2014

Track the Balls

In this game you need to track mulitple moving objects. At the start of each level some balls will be shown and a few will be highlighted,...

By Novel Games | Added September 8, 2014

That Christmas Song Game

The object of the game is to click on the correct cartoon that comes up next in the song. For example, click on the partridge to have...

By Jolly Panda Imports | Added August 10, 2014

Talking Dog Max - My Cool Virtual Pet

"My little brother says the dog in the Hawaiian shirt and hat looks just like our uncle! lol Works pretty good for my 5-year-old sis,"...

By GoodSoundApps | Added September 1, 2014

Cheats for Plants vs. Zombies

Ever get stuck in a level in Plants vs Zombies, don't know how to possibly successfully finish this level, for that you need Plants...

By Apps for Fun | Added August 11, 2014

Create A Motorcycle

What is your dream motorcycle? With what creating will you come up? Play Create A Motorcycle and custom build your own motorcycle....

By | Added August 28, 2014

Turbo Bugs 2

Tired of smashing ants, squishing bugs and exterminating all kinds of insects? Change the perspective and experience a day of a tiny...

By Zariba | Added August 13, 2014

Hill Climb Racing Game Cheats

With My Hill Climb Racing Game Guide you will learn exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and get unlimited...

By HiddenStuff Entertainment | Added August 24, 2014

Balloon Brigade Blow Away

Balloon boom challenge waits for you to smash and blow up balloons in this popping game. Poking is fun with simple tap and smash. Blow...

By Muddy Apps | Added August 18, 2014

Flappy Bird Game Cheats

This is the #1 Game Guide on The Market! With our Unofficial Game Guide become an expert player and get unlimited coins. Plus learn...

By HiddenStuff Entertainment | Added August 24, 2014

Match me

Goal of the game to find two related to each other object. This game give your child an opportunity to practice their problem solving...

By Kidgames | Added August 18, 2014


Help your child to understand how fun the school is. It has integrate new attractive & dynamic background.They will helpful for...

By Saama Infratech | Added August 20, 2014

Color Match

Color Match contains 6 stages and 4 Bonus Rounds. Additional 4 Bonus Rounds as Bonus Practice mode. Bonus Rounds includes pinata, speed...

By Saama Infratech | Added August 19, 2014

iTeach Hindi

iTeach Hindi is designed to help parents teach their Kids Hindi Alphabets. It exploits multimedia channels - addicting games, listening...

By Saama Infratech | Added August 20, 2014


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