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Intel Chipset Identification Utility

This utility helps you identify the specific Intel chipset or Intel chipset family that is located on your motherboard. This information...

By Intel | Added October 29, 2002

Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer optimizes your computer s RAM, making your computer run up to 200% faster, and preventing up to 90% of Windows crashes....

By DMK Corp. | Added August 30, 2002


From the developer: "SyncSavvy is a powerful utility for comparing and synchronizing files in similar folder structures. This utility...

By Leoj Software | Added May 8, 2002


MemoKit combines a memory and cache optimizer with a memory and resource leaks analyzer. It uses a sophisticated algorithm for PC memory...

By ALS Software | Added September 12, 2001

Finder's Friend

Finder's Friend is a script that allows users to quit and/or restart the Finder, which might improve a Mac's speed and/or fix minor...

By Tom Ehlers | Added August 23, 2000

First Aid 2000

As soon as your computer starts up, First Aid begins monitoring for Windows problems. It will examine the entire PC, including your...

By Network Associates | Added May 20, 1999