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updates for versions from 1.0 to 5.0.3 (renamed AppleWorks)

By Apple | Added January 26, 1999


Helps you type in four ways. First, it automatically corrects typing that violates conventional typesetting rules, such as typing more...

By Flux Software | Added January 16, 1999

TeachText Flipper

converts readme/SimpleText files to either read only or editable files

By unknown | Added December 13, 1998

Apple Text Preview

ClarisWorks (version 3.0 and higher) has the ability to show previews of documents in the Open dialog box, allowing you to get a glimpse...

By Apple | Added May 5, 1998


Grapple is a string finder for the Mac that is both friendly and intuitive to use. Originally inspired by the Unix utility grep, Grapple...

By PlaNet-3 Software | Added February 16, 1998


4.0 to 4.0.2 update for the word processor

By unknown | Added January 11, 1998


text searching utility

By unknown | Added March 11, 1997