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Flip Chart Professional

Flip Chart Professional gives you a Windows desktop application allowing you to create interactive flip chart presentations for your...

By KnightSoft | Added August 27, 2001

Microsoft Publisher Update Performance

The Publisher 2002 Update: June 21, 2001 provides increased performance. A Web page created with Publisher 2002 is larger than a similar...

By Microsoft | Added June 17, 2001

Awesome Powerpoint Backgrounds

Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds Sampler contains two free sample PowerPoint templates, blue and e-mail. The blue one is from the Blue...

By By Default | Added May 24, 2001


Astound 5.0 is the award-winning choice of thousands for doing business, educational, training, or technical presentations in the conference...

By Astound Incorporated | Added August 20, 2000

Quick Consultant

Raise awareness of important business & company issues, such as IT & PC security, Year 2000 (y2k) assurance, business resumption planning...

By Eon Solutions | Added May 31, 2000

PowerPoint 4-8 Translator

The PowerPoin 4-8 Translator allows you to open PowerPoint 4.0 presentations in PowerPoint 98. This allows you to view and edit your...

By Microsoft | Added March 29, 1999

Microsoft PowerPoint 98 Viewer

Provides full fidelity display of PowerPoint 98 files including the new animations, graphics effects, action settings, hyperlinks,...

By Microsoft | Added June 30, 1998

Claris Impact

Creates organizational flow & data charts, network diagrams, project time lines.

By Apple | Added January 12, 1998