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ActivePresentation Designer

ActivePresentation Designer for PowerPoint features: An interactive Menu Bar to that is added to PowerPoint slides, allowing the presenter...

July 5, 2015 By GMARK


Easily insert and edit these maps in your PowerPoint slides. vMaps adds a new button to your PowerPoint ribbon which gives you access...

July 5, 2015 By GMARK


G-Tools adds a new ribbon to PowerPoint in which you find a host of powerful additions to aid your creativity: Slides Features: Notes...

July 5, 2015 By GMARK


Circlify is a new add-in or app for PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2011:mac that makes the creation of circular visuals easier than...

July 5, 2015 By GMARK


ShowPoint is a tool to enables you to send over a presentation to another computer and start its slide show automatically. ShowPoint...

June 30, 2015 By PresentationPoint


CounterPoint is a multimedia queue management system for shops. It enhances staff productivity and delivers customer satisfaction....

June 30, 2015 By PresentationPoint


PlanPoint is a slide scheduling add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint that enables you to display a slide at predefined times only. Create...

June 29, 2015 By PresentationPoint

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