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VcSmith is the combination of Source Insight, Visual Assist, CppUnit, and VC debugger, as well as the integration of advantages of...

July 1, 2008 By ezTester


Basic4ppc is a powerful but yet simple development environment which targets both mobile devices and desktops. Basic4ppc supports a...

June 23, 2008 By Anywhere Software

Omikron Basic

Omikron Basic is a very comprehensive programming language, which allows you to write real BASIC programs as well as to build extensive...

March 23, 2008 By Berkhan-Software

Liquid Studio

Liquid Studio is a powerful development suite that creates programs for the Liquid Virtual Machine (LVM). Programs are written in Echoes,...

January 24, 2008 By Global Heavy

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0

Microsoft XNA Game Studio enables hobbyists, academics, and independent game developers to easily create video games for Windows and...

December 12, 2007 By Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Search 3.x SDK

The Microsoft Windows Search 3.x SDK includes sample applications demonstrating the key concepts and functionality areas described...

September 28, 2007 By Microsoft

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