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xFolio tracks your whole crypto portfolio for you. Once you add a blockchain address or exchange, all your digital assets are displayed...

By xFolio | Added February 11, 2019

Colorado Divorce Calculator

Divorce Matters is a Spousal Maintenance and Child Support Calculator app that provides a portable way to quickly calculate expected...

By Divorce Matters | Added February 11, 2019

Dividend Stocks News

The latest Dividend stocks news directly to your phone, for free!* This FREE app gathers the best dividend news, get suggestions of...

By Anyshark | Added February 10, 2019

DTN Instant Market

DTN is a global, industry-leading provider of commodity trading tools and information. Our newest product Instant Market is a mobile...

By DTN | Added February 10, 2019

I Am Rich Plus

This is an i.d. card of rich persons so download and share to those friend who like luxury life and want to be a rich person ....

By Developers King | Added February 9, 2019

Crypto Market Tracks

Live Crypto Currency Updates with Real-Time Crypto Currency Rates, Market Capitalization, Volume -Total, Traded, Available, % Change,...

By AppLife | Added February 9, 2019

Bitcoin Mining

The bitcoin network is a peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a cryptographic protocol. Users send and receive bitcoins, the...

By SQUARE Fitness Institute | Added February 9, 2019


Simply watch ads and Earn Money

By SilentLabs | Added February 9, 2019

Expense Keeper - Easy Money Manager

Trying to keep track of your money?Trying to remember where those fifty bucks were spent?well, I know it is hard to remember anything...

By SanRek Labs | Added February 8, 2019

My ETH Wallet

My ETH wallet a free android application that can show you your ERC-20 wallet balances and token balances in real-time. It uses ethplorer...

By RT Labs | Added February 8, 2019

Property Maintenance Tracker

Property Maintenance Tracker (PMT) collects and tracks property maintenance data and calculates when subsequent maintenance is due....

By BrilorSoftware | Added February 17, 2019


Electrum is an easy to use Bitcoin client. It protects you from losing coins in a backup mistake or computer failure, because your...

By Electrum Technologies | Added 1 day ago

CheckBook Pro

When you need more than a basic check register and reporting tool, try on CheckBook Pro, featuring everything in CheckBook, our powerfully...

By Splasm Software | Added February 12, 2019