Battery Utilities

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Battery Magic for iPhone

Battery Magic for iPhone featuring the easy-to-use scrolling wheel menu that enables you to get all of your important battery status...

By MyNewApps | Added March 14, 2010

Battery Magic Pro for iPhone

Battery Magic Pro for iPhone has features like charge alert and power sync. Now you can charge your battery using either your iPhone...

By MyNewApps | Added March 14, 2010

Battery Boost Pro for iPhone

Increase your battery life with Battery Boost Pro for iPhone. Increase Game play time, Video playback, Audio playback, Talk time, and...

By Appventions | Added February 24, 2010

Apcupsd UPS Control Software for Fedora

Apcupsd UPS Control Software can be used for power management and controlling most of APC's UPS models on your Linux system. Apcupsd...

By Adam Kropelin | Added January 17, 2010


BatteryStatus for Android application displays the battery status for the device.

By Avivonet Software | Added December 14, 2009

Power Manager

Power Manager for Android adds new power settings to the phone and allows you to quickly view and change other phone settings depending...

By X-Phone Software | Added October 31, 2009

Imtec Battery Mark

Imtec Battery Mark produces testing in two modes (fast and normal) with two variants of load on hardware subsystem notebook: with full...

By Imtec | Added September 2, 2009

Elecont Resource Manager

Resource Manager helps you to take control over your Windows Mobile device. You can watch how much the CPU is currently in use by running...

By Elecont Software | Added April 26, 2008

TTE100 Charger Software

Computer Controlled and Monitored Peak Charger TreeTop Electronics is proud to announce the TTE100 Charger which offers many features...

By TreeTop Electronics | Added April 25, 2006