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Google Adwords Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in has as easy to use interface. An easy 3 step process to generate your reports. Just log-in, select queries,...

By Tatvic | Added June 29, 2011

Analytics for Twitter

Analytics for Twitter allows users to query Twitter directly in Microsoft Office Excel 2010. Utilizing the free PowerPivot Excel Add-in...

By Microsoft | Added June 10, 2011

Killswitch Manager for Linux

Killswitch Manager for Linux is an applet controls killswitches and enables you to turn off or on radio devices. For instance, you...

By Quentin Denis | Added April 10, 2011


Speed up your cursor movements by up to 150%. You have a 30-inch monitor or dual/tri-monitor setup, but your cursor is still moving...

By Thinc | Added April 6, 2011

Asterisk Add-Ons (Linux)

Asterisk Add-Ons (Linux) include a number of additional drivers and utilities including support for mp3 playback, MySQL real-time and...

By Digium | Added January 31, 2011

WinDaq Add-ons for Transonic flow meters

Enhancement for WinDaq Transonic Data acuisition software. Support Transonic System's flow meter when running WinDaq. It provides various...

By UltimaSerial | Added January 20, 2011


OSBox supports 32- and 64-bit Operating Systems, (A few 16-bit ones with issues), GNOME executables, as well as a variety of ROM dumps,...

By Graphite Developments | Added January 19, 2011


SFTP add-on works with basic JFileUpload and all others derivated products such as JDiskExplorer, JBatchUpload, JImageFilter and JImageUpload....

By JFileUpload | Added January 19, 2011

Super Excel Tab

Super Excel Tab is a small add-in program to view,edit and manage multiple Excel documents in a window. Save all files by right-clicking...

By Super Office Tab | Added January 3, 2011

Super Word Tab

Super Word Tab is a program designed to view,edit and manage multiple Word documents in a window. It can save all files by right-clicking...

By Super Office Tab | Added January 3, 2011

ProTimer Stopwatch

ProTimer Stopwatch is an advanced circuit timing app for the BlackBerry platform. Designed in consultation with professional coaches,...

By Bluefriday | Added December 15, 2010


.docInput is an add-in for Word 2007 & Word 2010 (32-bit/64-bit), letting business users improve their Word templates with sharp-looking...

By Addpoint | Added November 14, 2010

Lightning for Thunderbird (Linux)

Manage your daily schedule directly within Thunderbird. Allows managing calendars locally or subscribing to network calendars. Lightning...

By Mozilla Calendar Project | Added July 25, 2010

Logon Tweaker

Logon Tweaker changes XP login screen and boot screen and allows you to create own. Change XP boot logo. Change XP login screen. Create...

By Saurabhorange | Added June 24, 2010

GFXMuse for Linux

GFXMuse for Linux is a collection of GIMP Plugins which are known to work with GIMP 2.2.

By Graphics Muse | Added June 22, 2010