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Multi Screen Voice Calculator

Voice Calculator is a free calculator for everyday use for Android devices, that lets you: Instantly enter numbers and mathematical...

March 22, 2020 By ATNSOFT

Alternate Calculator

Alternate Calculator is a simple program for calculations. It contains an integrated editor. This tools contains a currency editor...

March 11, 2020 By AlternateTools

Time Card Calculator

This Time Card Calculator allows you to quickly calculate daily hours and lunch breaks on a weekly timesheet. You can also enter the...

March 1, 2020 By Soft Parade


Are you not a math nerd but you want to master converting between file size measurements in your head? Bit-calc can help. It's a handy...

February 4, 2020 By Grey Hat Laboratories

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator is a convenient and free online tool for calculating the percentage of any numbers. What is % of ? Calculate...

January 21, 2020 By Soft Parade


MultiCalculator is designed with total of 6 modules initially. The modules are Calculator, Age Calculator, Length , Temperature, Weight...

December 26, 2019 By Software Cottage

Micro Ruler

Here is a simple screen ruler application that allows you to accurately measure short lengths in cm or inches. This measuring tool...

December 17, 2019 By Microsys Com.

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Salesforce: The crisis as a turning point

Salesforce: The crisis as a turning point

When the current tragic COVID-19 predicament is behind us is when the assessment will be made on the judgments that we make now. Organizations with established healthy relationships with customers and employees are well-positioned to create a narrative of caring and implement a specific plan of action. Michael Maoz, senior vice president of Innovation Strategy at Salesforce and a customer experience and customer engagement management expert, shares his thoughts on the crisis as a turning point.

2 hours ago by in Digital Transformation