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Flashcard Hero

Flashcard Hero keeps track of what facts you already know so you can focus on what you don't know and save a lot of time. Beyond your...

By Kitestack Software | Added July 12, 2018

See Music Pro

See Music Pro is a complete sight reading training method for musicians, music students and teachers. See Music Pro listens to you...

By mDecks | Added July 8, 2018


Hologo is for students, teachers, schools and lifelong learners. The app brings immersive experiences to the education system, for...

By Pro Designers | Added June 26, 2018

TutoTod -- Easy Crafts for Kids

TutoTod is an educational app that encourages and develops the creators of future. Inside TutoTod you will find 140 craft tutorials...

By TutoTod | Added June 26, 2018

Times Tales

Learn the upper times tables in one hour with the powerful memory trick of mnemonics. Times Tales is fast, fun and most of all it works!...

By Trigger Memory | Added June 26, 2018

Toned Ear

This app includes the following ear training exercises:Intervals: In this exercise, you will hear two notes in sequence. Your goal...

By Tone Savvy | Added June 26, 2018

BCBA Flashcards

Hundreds of people have used ABA Exam Prep study material. ABA Exam Prep's material is next-level studying through teaching mastery...

By R & B Visions | Added June 25, 2018

Plexuss College Application

The Plexuss International College Application is the first app in iOS history that allows students to apply to US universities for...

By Plexuss | Added June 25, 2018

Multiplication by Maxima

Maxima is the fastest way to learn the multiplication tables. Maxima learns what students know, and focuses their efforts on what they...

By Maxima Mathematics | Added June 25, 2018

Certi-Fi Nurse AGACNP

Question Bank for Nurses preparing to take their Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

By Certi-Fi Nurse | Added June 25, 2018

ISC2: CISSP Test Prep

CISSP certification boosts your standing as a security professional, and this app is packed with the study and practice tools you need...

By CertFoundation | Added June 25, 2018

Reading Game & App for Kids

Adventure Readers and the Quest for the Magic Moonstone is a revolutionary reading game that teaches your kids to read using a proven...

By Adventure Readers | Added June 25, 2018

Lion & Mouse - Orchestra

Welcome to Lion & Mouse - Orchestra!We believe nature world is a wonderful place to our kids. Not only for infinite play of fun, but...

By Yunbu Innovation | Added June 25, 2018

SnapMath - Math Problem Solver

Just snap a math problem and get instant solution. Super simple, super fast, super correct!SnapMath features: - Multiple approaches...

By Yulia Snizhko | Added June 25, 2018